A high teacher in Pennsylvania, Ms. Lauren revealed that her young students are aware of what is in vaping juice and the consequences of vaping such as death and development of lung diseases, but they are not aware that the nicotine they are inhaling into their lungs can delay and affect the normal development of their brain, and other health risks.

Ms. Lauren felt responsible for influencing her young students by teaching them the destructive effects of e-cigarette. She is sad that a lot of the students fell prey to this unhealthy and harmful oral habit of smoking. Nicotine addiction is a very challenging process to manage specifically in a school setting where peer pressure is unavoidable.


Between 2017 and 208, an estimated 1.5 million teens and young adults are using e-cigarettes, a tragic reality, and cause of alarming concern. An American Surgeon General called the massive vaping cases of the youth an “epidemic”. Research studies revealed that e-cigarette advertisements have promoted it as harmless and an acceptable norm that has attracted the youth.


The majority of the e-cigarettes contain nicotine, it causes the smoker to develop nicotine dependency thus, causing inevitable addiction. The brain of a human being is still in the process of development until the age of 25. Inhaling nicotine, a harmful and toxic substance can cause cognitive problems such as inability to concentrate, affects memory and learning abilities.

Overwhelming cases of young people who are using e-cigarette are also smoking regular kinds of cigarettes. There is strong evidence that teens and young adults who are vaping have an increased tendency of smoking regular cigarettes. The worst scenario is the youth’s inclination to use illegal and destructive drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and other drugs.

Remember that youngsters are very vulnerable and can be easily enticed to experiment with new things, like mixing the vape with other illegal drugs plus peer pressure. Just imagine the deadly effects on the lives of the young smokers inhaling a cocktail of nicotine, heroin, and cocaine.

The psychological need of teenagers for a sense of belongingness is typical at this delicate stage in life. Peer pressure is one of the factors that drive these adolescents to join the unhealthy club of smokers.

The smoke emitted from heating the liquid into a vapor state contains toxic and tiny chemicals that can cause cancer. There is a portion of the e-cigarette that heats, hence, the danger of explosion and burns.


The most marketable and coveted e-cigarette is the brand called “JUUL”, it resembles the regular USB flash drive. The JUUL can be charged on any laptop device. The “pods” of the JUUL contains a liquid substance, the levels of nicotine is equivalent to 20 packs of regular cigarettes. It is available in different flavors designed to appeal to the youngsters. E-cigarettes are fashioned to look like any ordinary items such as pens, credit cards, highlighters, and remote controls.


It’s truly essential that community centers, schools, and other places where the students hang out or gather after or during school hours, must have a tobacco smoking-free policy strictly implemented. Community and school officials must also set a good example by never accepting any cigarette or tobacco sponsorship for their events.

School administrators and teachers can make use of health assemblies, classes, and open forums to invite students to ask any question about e-cigarettes, highlighting its’ dangerous risks.

Parents and guardians must also set a good example but quitting smoking and disposing of all the smoking paraphernalia at home.

For students who are e-cigarette users and committed to quit the habit, they are supported and guided with the many available resources including a convenient mobile app designed to help them go through the process.


Educating the students is not only limited to the academic curriculum but most importantly about the unhealthy habit of vaping and its destructive health risks. Raising and molding healthy youngsters leads to a flourishing and prosperous nation.

Let’s unite together in saving the lives of our youth, they are the future of our nation.

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