Why Group Volunteering Isn’t As Easy As You Think

Volunteering is a mixture of one’s advocacy and another’s resources. Oftentimes, the two parties would go into conflict, especially with projects that require certain skills and commitments. This can be as simple as volunteering from your home office.  That’s why certain types of people are needed. Non-profit organizations can’t fully implement their strategies, be it as secret leverage or pure generosity, without any proper planning and engagement with the volunteers.

In order to start making the right step when volunteering and avoid the possible problems, here are the 5 highly encouraged tips:

Plan ahead

An early plan can provide more rooms for adjustments and more opportunities to establish alignment between the volunteer’s goal and the organization’s mission and practices. Having that more than enough time to prepare can foresee possible problems and help create solutions ahead.

Appropriate division of teams

The event can be successful if all tasks are fulfilled. With recognition of the number of volunteers, the authorized personnel can form teams and give specific assignments accordingly. As a volunteer that is a member of a group, you can encourage organized division in relation to individual’s capability in fulfilling the tasks of the volunteer work.

Prepare for monetary donation

Along the course of the volunteering event, there are situations that arise for the need to spend resources even beyond the budget just to attain success. Not only time is needed, there can be instances in which money is the best option for donation, therefore it is important to prepare a projected amount on-hand.

Establish long-term partnerships

The nature of volunteering is to encourage generosity and selflessness. In that essence, the work and commitment is intended to be continuous. To continue making successful events, connections must be established properly for easy transactions, convenience in organizing, and producing a comfortable working environment.

Acquire the best practices

Have a look at the Canadian Code for Employer Supported Volunteering. It is a great source material that offers you guidance to help you launch or develop an employer-supported volunteer program.

Group volunteering can be difficult but when it’s done properly, you can contribute for a better change. Through these five tips, you’ll be creating a great volunteer experience where your team and the non-profit organization you are supporting can be thankful for.

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