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9 Great Volunteering Opportunities for Students in Toronto

Volunteering is a non-paying job, but you will surely earn experience and gain connections that can give more satisfaction than high-salary employment. If you are a student in Toronto and are looking to start as a volunteer, here are 9 great options where you can fulfill your goal.
Habitat for Humanity Great Toronto Area
Habitat for Humanity aims to promote responsible home ownership and to ease poverty by building homes for people in need. You can either participate in construction work or support through buying merchandise in ReStore, which also covers the organization’s cost.
Canadian Cancer Society

Coffee Farm

Tips for Developing a Business Plan for Your Coffee Farm

Owning your very own business is never considered an easy job, especially if you are managing a coffee farm. There are certain things that will affect your farm that you have to always consider, like how pests or the weather could affect your crops or even the prices for the coffee beans. It’s also important to consider which coffee makers will be used in the tasting area for visitors to the coffee farm.
Just like any other business, preparation is the key to ensuring its success. That is why developing a business plan for your coffee farm is important. A good business plan could be just the thing that could save your farm if …

Smoking And Vaping

Helping Teens Abandon Smoking And Vaping

There is no denying that teens can take up the smoking habit. According to the Eurovap and American Lung Association, 95 percent of smokers have tried their first smoke before reaching the age of 21. This concern doesn’t only focus on the quality of life but also the future of the economy.
Role of Parents
As teens, most emulate the action of their peers. A simple imitation becomes a social habit fueled by the desire to be accepted by the group. It becomes a symbol of false confidence.
Parents may not notice their kids doing the habit. But with enough experience, they must be …

Why Group Volunteering Isn’t As Easy As You Think

Volunteering is a mixture of one’s advocacy and another’s resources. Oftentimes, the two parties would go into conflict, especially with projects that require certain skills and commitments. This can be as simple as volunteering from your home office.  That’s why certain types of people are needed. Non-profit organizations can’t fully implement their strategies, be it as secret leverage or pure generosity, without any proper planning and engagement with the volunteers.
In order to start making the right step when volunteering and avoid the possible problems, here are the 5 highly encouraged tips:
Plan ahead

5 Ways To Volunteer Helping The Environment

Humans will always be responsible for the changes of the environment as consequences for development of societies. You can be of great help, as a volunteer, in preserving or even improving the environment. Here are the 5 favorite avenues where you can volunteer for:
Evergreen Brickworks
Evergreen Brick Works is set in the amazing Don Valley and has some of the coolest initiatives. With your love for the outdoors, you can share that sentiment through volunteering as a guide for other nature lovers and campers.
Toronto Botanical Garden
If you have green thumbs, then being a volunteer in this place truly fits …