We receive a lot of questions and concerns about volunteering in Toronto so we’ve compiled the most usually asked ones into a single page. Do you have even more questions? Check out for more details on our blogs!

Q: Can you define Volunteer Toronto and its work?

Volunteer Toronto is a registered non-profit organization. Its mission is to create the best volunteer experience possible by presenting the agencies of Toronto with the platform to post the positions available and to provide opportunities related.

Q: How and where do I start if I decide to volunteer?

Reflect – Think about the reasons and limits of your commitment.

Research – Utilize the online service available to select and land the position and location you want to volunteer with full knowledge and understanding of the descriptions shown and requirements stated.

Reach Out – Follow the procedures needed for application and establish communication for any concerns and inquiries.

Q: What is the age limit before I start to volunteer?

Usually around 13-14 years old but the responsibilities and situations can be varying accordingly and therefore, the age of consent can also be flexible.

Q:        Is it necessary to submit an application or a resume in order to volunteer?

It will depend on the organization you are applying for if it is a requirement. You need to confirm it, though.

Q: Is there an interview that I have to attend?

Some organizations may conduct an interview formally. Some can just be informal or an orientation session.

Q: Will there be a required set of skills or training that is needed in volunteering?

Every position or role will require a specific set of skills and they are stated on the descriptions. Organizations will provide training if it will be necessary for the work.

Q: If I volunteer for an organization, will I be able to secure a job there?

Volunteering is not an avenue for personal intentions since it is an act of charity. However, if opportunities will be open upon on your active service, you are free to explore and establish connections within the organization.

Q: How much time is required in commitment for volunteering?

The period for commitment can vary according to the type of volunteer activity. It can be a one-day event, short-term (less than 3 months) and long-term periods (more than 3 months). It will depend on the choice of volunteer work so be mindful of the descriptions and your availability.

Q: Are my transportation costs covered by the organization during volunteer work?

The organizations will provide information what expenses you incurred during your volunteer work.

Q: Can I include my family and friends in my volunteer work?

Yes. It may depend on the positions available and the nature of the volunteer work.

Q: Can I obtain a letter of reference when I finished my volunteer work?

Some organizations can provide upon your request. Some will only provide at the end of your commitment period.

Q: Is there a need for a work permit to volunteer if I am a foreign student/newcomer here in Canada?

No. Since volunteer work is not a paying job, therefore a work permit is not needed.

Q: What can I do if I have no references here in Canada?

The organizations are open to communicate which contact persons you have can be accepted as references.

Q: Can I still volunteer if I am not that fluent in English?

Mostly yes. There may be volunteer work that will require you to speak to be effective, so make sure to read the descriptions or inquire for the set of skills needed.

Q: Will I only be able to do one volunteer work at a time or be able to participate in multiple roles?

As long as you can be effective while making multiple commitments, you are free to participate in multiple roles.

Q: Whom can I reach out in case I have concerns regarding about my volunteer experience?

In every organization, there will always be contact persons or communication procedures available if ever you have any concerns on your volunteer experience.

Q: Can I abandon my volunteer duties in any given time?

Like in any working environment, it is necessary to provide notice prior or after, especially in times of emergencies, in order not to disrupt the operation. The organizations will have staff dedicated to attending your concerns.