9 Great Volunteering Opportunities for Students in Toronto

Volunteering is a non-paying job, but you will surely earn experience and gain connections that can give more satisfaction than high-salary employment. If you are a student in Toronto and are looking to start as a volunteer, here are 9 great options where you can fulfill your goal.

Habitat for Humanity Great Toronto Area

Habitat for Humanity aims to promote responsible home ownership and to ease poverty by building homes for people in need. You can either participate in construction work or support through buying merchandise in ReStore, which also covers the organization’s cost.

Canadian Cancer Society

Any volunteers for this organization make their mission to fight the effects of cancer. It may be impossible to cure it, but as a volunteer, you can support any research for it by taking part in fundraisers, providing awareness as a member of YouthTroop or leading a related project as a member of a Youth4Action team.

City of Toronto’s Special Events Office

During festivals and parades, more responsible and reliable hands are welcome to contribute to the events’ logistics and organizing. As a volunteer, you can experience, from a nearer perspective, the diverse cultures during the celebrations.

Toronto Wildlife Centre

If you are a pet-lover or an advocate for animal preservation, the center welcomes any volunteers that can help in educating about wildlife, participate on the animals’ rehabilitation and ensure the center’s safety.

Toronto Public Library

As one of the world’s best library systems, there will always be a need of helping hands. If you are interested in books and other informative materials, then volunteering in this environment will surely be the thing you need. You can have many charitable opportunities, and also you will be able to improve your academic skills in the process.

Evergreen Brick Works

Evergreen Brick Works is set in the amazing Don Valley and has some of the coolest initiatives. With your love for the outdoors, you can share that sentiment through volunteering as a guide for other nature lovers and campers.

Harbourfront Centre

This summer destination spot is surely filled with people of different entertainment interests. Volunteers can ensure the venues’ safety and the events’ smooth flow to maintain the fun everyone is having.

Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto

The non-profit organization focused on providing basic needs and services to indigenous women. You can be of help in many ways: either through helping raise funds, spreading information, participating in organizing events, or as learning guides.

LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests)

Any environmentalist will surely want to experience a great impact towards a better change. As a volunteer, you can be part of the institutes’ staff or a gatherer of support through other means, as long as it preserves the green parts in Toronto.

You can look for these opportunities on the website and apply by following the instructions at the posting’s end.

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