What do you think you will be dealing with as part of the organization and what will be your respective duties and responsibilities while contributing as a volunteer?

Commitment to the cause along with the amount of time you can allot are important in deciding to c=be a volunteer for any organization or not. Inquiries and clarifications are encouraged to understand their expectations from you and their services for you.

You are expected to:

  • Know and understand the organization’s background and the policies concerning the volunteers;
  • Be oriented with the organization and the necessary training for the role provided;
  • Familiarize yourself with the policies or protocol of the organization in handling any complaints or concerning issues;
  • Request for needed reviews and evaluations regarding of your performance;
  • Ask for support and guidance for your role as a volunteer;
  • Inquire for reimbursement procedures for any expenses made under work-related activities as a volunteer of the organization.

You are responsible for:

  • Avoiding tardiness and absences on your volunteer shift or duty;
  • Being reliable at all time;
  • Reporting any concerning issues that can possibly affect your duties as a volunteer;
  • Fulfilling the assigned and directed duties;
  • Accepting the guidance provided by the supervisor or Volunteer Coordinator;
  • Learning and participating in meetings, orientation and training programs;
  • Recognizing the paid staff’s role while establishing a good working environment and maintaining the boundaries of your role;
  • Keeping the confidentiality of any sensitive information of the organization;

Following the procedures and policies set by the organization.