Calling all volunteers! You can make a start here!

Health Habits is THE site to go to for anyone who wants to do volunteer work. Our services allow local volunteers to discover opportunities that make a positive impact to the community. We also educate and assist community groups and non-profit organizations establish successful volunteer programs through personal and online training.

If you are seeking to be a volunteer or looking for active volunteers in Toronto, we are the perfect place to start!


We are tasked to increase the positive effect of volunteering in the city of Toronto through innovative programs that encourage, educate, and interact with volunteers and the corresponding organizations.


We envision the city of Toronto filled with volunteers that are compassionate, comprehensive, and engaged in which anyone can participate and contribute meaningfully.

Roles and Purpose

We support organizations in implementing the best practices applicable in volunteering through proper advising, sufficient resources and specialized training;

We help individuals land appropriate volunteer positions with the use of initiatives for public awareness, online resources and referral services; and

We act in collaboration with the community and the corporate partners in conducting research, sharing of information and identifying opportunities in volunteer sector.

The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement has been adopted by Volunteer Toronto.