UWindsor Brings Mental Health App To Campus

WellTrack is an app the Student Centre has released to UWindsor students. The purpose of it is to help students monitor their own mental health by simply logging in their mood on a daily basis and providing ways to help them better cope with stress, anxiety, depression and phobias.

by Shelbey Hernandez
The Lance – News Editor

Joining the likes of many businesses and post-secondary institutions, UWindsor has decided to bring WellTrack to its students’ finger tips.

With students constantly on the go, seeing a professional can seem impossible. But, with the aid of the WellTrack app and its companion Mood Check app which has been released by the Student Centre, students and faculty can monitor their own mental health.

Two or more times a day, the app will ask for the user to submit a log, detailing how they’re feeling. Along with how they’re feeling, students also have the option of adding other details including who they are with, where they are and what they are doing in the very moment they are feeling a certain way. That way, over a period of time, the app will be able to create trends, detailing where, who and what makes that person happiest. Then, the user is referred to specific programs known as “nodules” for their individual needs.

A trip to a therapist could last an hour but with this app, each log takes maximum two minutes making it a great mental health tool.

“It’s accessible at any hour of the day and any hour of the night which I think is its biggest feature,” said Tiffany Hyatt, a nursing student who is doing her placement with WellTrack. “It’s a digital age and everyone is always on their phone, computer or laptop. So just to be able to have access and log into WellTrack to do your coping strategies whenever you want, it’s a big deal.”

The app can provide mental health help for just about anyone including those who suffer from depression, anxiety, phobias and stress. It can even identify if a person requires external help based on the logs a student submits.

The accessibility is one great feature but Anne Roy who works alongside Hyatt said it gives students a way to deal with their mental health on their own terms.

“It’s really convenient for students and they don’t necessarily have to see someone face to face. They can log how they’re feeling and do the modules in the privacy of their own home,” said Roy. “Since there’s still a lot of stigma associated with mental health and because it’s such a quick and convenient thing, they’re more likely to log how they’re feeling whereas other strategies could take more time out of their day.”

Even if a student isn’t necessarily depressed, anxious or stressed, Hyatt and Roy said everyone should use it because things happen. Hyatt in particular said it’s important for students to learn coping methods regardless to prepare for unexpected occurrences that can cause an increase in stress levels.

Anyone interested in trying out the app can do so for free thanks to the university. All students have to do is go to www.mywelltrack.com, click on “for education” and sign-up using the access code WINDSOR.

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