OSAP: How To Stay Out Of The Hole

2016/10/03 // 0 Comments

by Shelbey Hernandez The Lance – News Editor Within the past couple weeks, students have probably noticed a surge of funds in their bank accounts thanks to the [...]

Exchange column: rent

2014/04/03 // 0 Comments

As life would have it, when one thing goes wrong another goes along with it. It starts with having to move out of your residence three days earlier than you thought—because everything in France is closed on Sundays—moving on to having no electricity in your new apartment, to no hot water, and topping it off with having to pay all these new bills that you never took into account while living at home. As you surround yourself by candles and start replaying the film Rent in your mind, the homesickness creeps up on you. [...]

Forever a dream home?

2012/10/02 // 8 Comments

Home ownership can be intimidating, especially when carrying student loans which can average around $30,000. A recent study by RateSupermarket.ca reveals that with recent post-secondary graduates making an average salary of around $40,000 and trying to pay off student loans of about $30,000, it’s likely to take over 10 years for most university graduates to be in a position to purchase a home. [...]

Charity workers catch a break on OSAP

2012/10/02 // 0 Comments

Students working in the not-for-profit sector will be soon be able to keep the student loan sharks at bay a little longer. Students who work or volunteer in a registered not-for-profit organization for at least 30 hours a week will have an extended grace period of one year for their OSAP loans. The Ontario government announced the extended grace period on Sept. 19. [...]

OSAP goes online to reduce lines

2012/09/04 // 0 Comments

Darryl Gallinger NEWS EDITOR Ontario’s student financial aid service is going digital. The Ontario Student Assistance Program is, for the first time, transferring funds to [...]

Tuition grant a go

2011/11/23 // 0 Comments

Liberals offer $1,600 yearly over freeze Stephen Hargreaves NEWS EDITOR The provincial Liberal campaign promise of a 30 per cent tuition break will be in place by January, [...]