My Journey to be the Very Best

2016/03/10 // 0 Comments

by Caleb Workman The Lance – News Editor There are few games that reach out and have the ability to make you want to spend countless hours on them and there are even [...]

Look Good, Feel Good

2016/02/11 // 0 Comments

by Hani Yassine The Lance – Arts Editor Roughly 30 vendors were present in the Caboto Club, carrying a variety of products which served to represent a single, personable [...]

DO YOU CONCUR?: Bearing it all for feminism

2012/11/27 // 2 Comments

I find myself wondering if Femen, the self-described Ukrainian feminist protest group, knew just how symbolic it was to march dressed as topless nuns against the throngs of anti-gay marriage Catholic demonstrators recently in Paris. [...]

DO YOU CONCUR?: None of your business November

2012/11/13 // 0 Comments

It’s admittedly hard to remember that November means other things than your friend/significant other/relative growing a gross moustache to raise money for prostate cancer. But before Movember became a thing, there was No Shave November. [...]


2012/10/17 // 0 Comments

During the Oct. 3 U.S. presidential candidate debate governor Mitt Romney said he would like to defund the Public Broadcasting Service. It was a calculated move to turn this into an issue, to drag PBS into the partisan debate, and begin a conversation about the value of public broadcasting. Maybe that’s not necessarily such a bad thing. [...]


2012/09/19 // 0 Comments

Matthew Froese LANCE WRITER Have you heard someone explain away a foolish or ill-conceived act with a casual ‘YOLO’ lately? I have, and at the risk of sounding like an [...]

DO YOU CONCUR? One more thing…

2012/09/04 // 0 Comments

Josh Kolm EDITOR EMERITUS I started writing for The Lance when I was 18. In August of 2008, I wrote three album reviews: Great Big Sea’s Fortune’s Favour (not bad), [...]
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