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Everyone has a phone, and almost everyone can identify with the annoyance of having it not work properly. Whether it is an issue of poor battery life or a broken or cracked LCD screen, these are all fixable issues that should’t stop you from surfing Instagram, chatting with your parents or answering emails.

So what’s the procedure for U Windsor students or young professionals who are looking down at a cracked iPhone, iPad or Android device? As of 2019, it couldn’t be easier. Most cell phone providers like Rogers or Fido have insurance plans, however for those with preowned devices there is also a local, affordable and efficient solution.

Local Windsor Cell Phone Repair Solutions

Coming in to fill the need are local tech experts, often those that run existing PC or laptop repair services have expanded to offering to fix most common issues you might have with your iPhone or iPad.

Broken or cracked screens for iPhone 5/6/7/8 devices can often be fixed within an hour or two for increasingly affordable rate especially for older 6 series devices.

Batteries are also a constant struggle with many people choosing to upgrade their iPhone battery through the official Apple program for a very affordable price point of $30. However this charity period is slated to end at the start of 2019 which leaves many who perhaps couldn’t find the time out of their busy schedule out of luck.





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