Filbert Comics

     In 1999 I drew a cat named Filbert. In 2014 he got accepted at the University of Windsor.

     Hi, my name is Anthony and this year my comics have been published in 18 different Canadian newspapers. This accomplishment is the result of 15 years of hard work that had no promise of a successful outcome.
     4 years ago, I was rejected by all the newspapers I sent my comics to. I was in my last year of High School, so it was an attempt to accomplish my childhood dream before I became a boring serious University student. I even reached out to my heroes for advice. They explained that newspaper comic strips were a dying industry. Knowing it wouldn’t go anywhere, I decided to still work at the craft. I bought and designed a website and started publishing my work online for my friends and family.
     It is now my last year of University, so I needed to accomplish my goal before I become a boring serious professional. I knew if I wanted to get published, I would have to get creative. That’s when I had the idea to send Filbert to University. I emailed the University of Windsor and they were very enthusiastic about publishing Filbert. It meant so much to me because it’s the result of a lifetime of practice!
     I learned that although “success” felt great, I have always been driven by the actual work and not the outcome. That’s why it was so easy to continue working through the failure and rejection. Thank you very much to all those who took time to read my comic strips. The Lance is one of the best student newspapers in Canada (and I have seen most of them).

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