• UWSA President Jaydee Tarpeh sits outside the University of Windsor’s CAW building Apr. 4 with just under a month left in his presidential position.
[Photo by // Jolene Perron]

    Final Thoughts From Our President

    I would first and foremost like to thank you for the incredible opportunity you have given me this year to serve as your president. If I have not had the pleasure of meeting [...]
  • Some of my physical collection I've kept through my years of training, battling and collecting Pokémon. [Photo by//Caleb Workman]

    My Journey to be the Very Best

    by Caleb Workman The Lance – News Editor There are few games that reach out and have the ability to make you want to spend countless hours on them and there are even [...]
  • Students could purchase items for 15 per cent off at the pop-up bookstore that travelled UWindsor last week. They also handed out coupons to save 15 per cent off of items in their CAW location. [Photo by//Caleb Workman]

    The Paperless War: Print vs. Digital

    by Caleb Workman The Lance – News Editor The University of Windsor’s Bookstore made rounds last week to on campus locations to reach out to different programs with [...]
  • Fashion shows, courtesy of Nygard Fashion were held at the second annual Beauty Expo, which went on during Feb. 6 and 7 at the Caboto Club.
[Photo by // Hani Yassine]

    Look Good, Feel Good

    by Hani Yassine The Lance – Arts Editor Roughly 30 vendors were present in the Caboto Club, carrying a variety of products which served to represent a single, personable [...]

Let’s Save Ojibway

2015/12/17 // 0 Comments

by Caleb Workman The Lance – News Editor Ojibway Park has been receiving a lot of attention lately including a petition signed by 22,000 people to keep it as it is and [...]


2015/11/19 // 0 Comments

by Caleb Workman The Lance – News Editor This past week the world has seen multiple devastation, including natural and manmade terror, the most notable being the [...]

Kindness Day Should be Every Day

2015/11/12 // 0 Comments

by Caleb Workman The Lance – News Editor Every year people around Canada set aside time in their day once a year to perform a random act of kindness. This day, known as [...]
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