Graduate And Professional Schools Fair Gives Students Chance To Look Elsewhere

UWindsor held its annual Graduate and Professional Schools Fair on Oct. 18 had more than 40 booths available.

by Shelbey Hernandez
The Lance – News Editor

Oftentimes, even with one program done, that’s not entirely the end of the road. There are more programs that together, can make someone’s career path have even more potential routes.

More than 40 different post-secondary institutions were at the Graduate and Professional Schools Fair, hosted by the Co-op, Career and Employment Services. The event, which happened over Oct. 18 and 19, allows students to get a more up close and personal view of prospective schools. Rather than searching all day on a computer for information, everyone is right there and readily available which is something many students really appreciated.

That includes 21-year-old Katie Stephens, a fourth-year French studies student. Going into that program originally seemed like what she wanted to do but as time went on, that wasn’t the case. So she decided teaching would be the next route. Luckily, UWindsor had all her options right there for her and she definitely made sure to take advantage of the opportunity.

“I don’t know anything about the programs and I find sometimes, online is hard to find information because they take you to all these pages,” said Stephens. “So to be able to talk to them and ask them all the questions I have makes it so much easier. That way, I can get all of my answers right there to make a more informed decision.”

What Stephens even more so appreciates is being able to compare UWindsor to other schools as well. After all, one school may seem better, but other factors such as cost of moving will play a huge role in her decision.

Although Stephens was at the fair because her time to apply is fast approaching, the event attracted all kinds of students, including first-year biomed student Kumudu Jayatilaka. She had attended the fair with a friend, but veered off to check out a medicine-related graduate school. She doesn’t know for sure if she will go to a graduate school, but she figured, UWindsor provided the opportunity, so why not take advantage.

“I feel like in high school, they didn’t give us information until the very last minute,” said Jayatilaka. “So here, I can come even in my first year and look around and find out about it.”

Today until 3 p.m. there is another Graduate study-related booth being held, same place.

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