Career and Employment Services Set to Move to New Building

[Photo by // Hani Yassine]

by Hani Yassine
The Lance – Arts Editor

Already home to the campus parking and security services, the Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre is going through the final steps in moving in another entity into its open concept setting.

Come Monday Oct. 17, Career and Employment Services will have fully moved into the Joyce building from the basement of Dillon Hall. According to CES manager Kerri Zold, the announcement of the move itself was made a little over a year ago, and the transition arrived in two phases with the first being Co-op services being reallocated to Lambton Tower. Zold says there are no structural issues with the Dillon Hall quarters, but instead emphasizes the move was made to increase CES presence through the help of a highly visible location.

“The point of it is what we’ve always wanted, was for more students to know who we are, what we do and to come and see us,” Zold said. “Our goal is to serve as many students as possible, so making it a more welcoming place for students is going to ultimately get us more traffic and let us reach out to more students.”

Zold says the building will serve as a greater resource centre for students through the increase in foot traffic and the features of the building itself. Carrying an open concept design similar to the Centre for Engineering Innovation right next to it, the Joyce building will have breakout and presentation rooms on top of lounging areas which will help maximize student and administration performance.

“Because it’s going to be newer, modern, it looks that much better for employers too when they come to campus to interview students,” Zold said.

The building officially opens Oct. 17. Students are free to navigate the building then, but no official open house is set for the time being.

[Photo by // Hani Yassine]

[Photo by // Hani Yassine]

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