Services Day Allows Students To Get To Know UWSA

Approximately five of the UWSA services were available to provide information to students at UWindsor during the first UWSA Services Day held on Sept. 28.

by Shelbey Hernandez
The Lance – News Editor 

Since there are hundreds of groups, services and clubs at UWindsor, the university has many events to help students become more aware of what’s available.

So far just this semester, there was Clubs Day, showing all the clubs students could join. There was a Health Fair, containing all health-related university groups and services. Plus there was the Welcome Tent during Welcome Week, containing a wide range of services and groups available on campus.

With so much going on, it is easy for students to miss some of the opportunities. That is why the University of Windsor Student Association held its first ever UWSA Services Day as a way of highlighting what they specifically have to offer.

“I think the thing is sometimes I talk to students and they don’t actually know who the UWSA is or even that there’s a student government and they have no idea about the countless services we offer them,” said Larissa Howlett, the student groups coordinator at UWSA who came up with the Services Day idea. “So I thought it was important to have a UWSA Services day because it’s never been done before and it will help educate all those students who don’t know there is a government here working for them.”

There are more than seven services within UWSA including Shinerama, Afrofest, Peer Support Centre, Student Groups – Clubs and Societies, Walksafe, Womyn’s Centre and Campus Pride Centre. Each has different goals, Shinerama being a fundraiser raising money for cystic fibrosis; Afrofest being a group that hosts a week-long African Heritage celebration in February and the Peer Support Centre which is a drop-in location for students to find peer support. Many if not all were present for the educational event.

“With this event, we want to show students who the UWSA is, what we can do for you, ways you can get involved in your student unions and hopefully to get some people out in student groups and to join other services.” said Howlett.

Campus Pride in particular had already existed for quite some time however, this is the first year it became part of UWSA. With more funding and resources available, they are excited to find more ways to help people and to gain even more exposure. They also changed their name from Out on Campus to Campus Pride Centre.

“This event is great to just make sure people see that we’re here and that we are a resource and service for people on campus,” said Courtney Quinn, the campus pride coordinator. “I’m in my fourth year and I didn’t know Out on Campus was a thing until last year. So I want it to be out and visible on campus so people know it’s here, it’s a service that is going to benefit people and is not going to target or discriminate.”

Even if students have missed the event, Howlett said they don’t need to be discouraged. The UWSA is always opened with the purpose of serving the students from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. So anyone interested in gaining more information for UWSA can go the UWSA website.


According to Shinerama, every year Shinerama exists means another 10 months for someone with cystic fibrosis. So to promote that, Shinerama had students write down things they have done within the past 10 months to demonstrate just how much of a difference 10 months can make. This was what Larissa Howlett, the student groups coordinator for UWSA, said she accomplished in 10 months.

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