Healthier Option Now Available At UWindsor

Booster Juice has officially opened at UWindsor, giving students a healthier alternative.

by Shelbey Hernandez
The Lance – News Editor

Approach any UWindsor residence student’s dorm and you will likely find at least one of two food items: Kraft Dinner or Mr. Noodles.

Even for those who don’t live in residence, the same most likely applies. Yes, they may have more flexibility, space and tools to make more options. However, all students have one thing in common: they lack time. So if a dish takes more than 30 minutes, the idea is thrown out the window.

Eventually, they get tired of only two fast options and move onto restaurant options which at the university, is not any better, health-wise. But now, with Booster Juice opening up within the C.A.W., many students are thrilled.

That includes second-year drama, education and community student Morgan Corbett-Collins. Before, she would walk 20-30 minutes to the Booster Juice downtown and because of the long distance, was only able to get Booster Juice once or twice a month. Now, since Booster Juice has opened in the C.A.W., she has had it four times.

With it so much closer, she sometimes makes it her alternative to coffee.

“It wakes you up in the morning like coffee but it’s more natural,” said Corbett-Collins. “It’s not like the caffeine boost, it’s just the, ‘Oh that tasted good. It’s fruit and I feel good about myself because I drank fruit.’”

Even though Corbett-Collins loves Booster Juice, she said the price can add up very fast. So it is highly unlikely Booster Juice will become part of her daily routine. Whereas she said her morning coffee can cost her $1.70, her Booster Juice can be around $8.

Others though like Stephanie Karam in her fourth year of Human Kinetics said the price is worth it.

“It just saves people a lot of time and energy, they get actually something healthy to drink,” said Karam. “Here there’s just pop, water and juice. This is so much better, it’s more filling, tastier and really convenient.”

If anyone hasn’t had a chance to try out Booster Juice, it is open until 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, which for Karam, makes for a perfect pre-night class snack. That Kraft Dinner may be timeless, but there is always the healthier option available.

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