Shine Day Continues To Grow

After a week of raising funds for cystic fibrosis during Welcome Week, UWindsor students ended the week with Shine Day.

by Shelbey Hernandez
The Lance – News Editor

Throughout Welcome Week, there have been several events put on to make the students more comfortable. A huge part of that experience was Shinerama which for 10 of the events, was the sole food provider.

All week, UWindsor students who also work under Shinerama had barbecues to raise money for cystic fibrosis. All these barbecues worked up to the final day of fundraising known as Shine Day. For this year’s Shine Day, about 150 first year students participated, going from location to location collecting donations. Prior to that, they got together for breakfast and had a CF speaker.

Shine Day coordinator Jessica Tetreault-Fazio said there may be some people who haven’t heard of CF but it is a very much relevant disease. She said three lives were lost in Windsor, one was a volunteer part of the cystic fibrosis chapter in Windsor and another was a five-year-old.

Raising money is important, but so is get the word out there.

“We’re raising funds but we’re also raising awareness,” said Tetreault-Fazio. Our students were at 11 different locations, plus downtown, down riverside and not only are they collecting money, they’re having that small conversation with someone saying, ‘This is what cystic fibrosis is and this is why it is important.’”

A grand total is not known yet. Even though their goal of $10,000 for the entire campaign may seem hard to achieve, they plan on hosting events throughout the year. New to their fundraising event schedule is the Coming Home Music Festival so anyone interested in helping out the cause can either donate there or keep an eye out for them during future UWindsor events.

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