Toga Party Caps off Welcome Week Celebrations

Story by Hani Yassine
The Lance – Arts Editor
Photos by Chris Mailloux
The Lance – Staff Photographer

“It’s Friday night,” said 17-year old Aramis Stavridis, simply explaining why he attended the event. He was waiting in line along with his friends, each of them playing well to the night’s theme. He notes it only took him 10 minutes to put the outfit together.

“Just took a bedsheet, folded it around, threw it on and pinned it,” he said.

A long standing tradition within the university itself, the Toga Party was under full swing the evening of Sept. 9, where the vast majority of students attended in full costume, while others wore just enough white to blend in with the crowd. The party is the last one to be held in the UWSA Tent before it becomes dismantled and gears become shifted to readings, assignments and mid-terms.

Always an event to mark the conclusion of Welcome Week, no exception was made as a way to show appreciation towards university culture.

“It was the tradition of the frats and sororities. That’s why we left it in the same position,” said Student Services VP Dan Popaj. “Still to give students the chance to get dressed up and show their creativity I think is a good way to end the Welcome Week as well.”

There was a steady influx of people going inside the tent and its outer perimeter. While the theme itself was specific, music courtesy of Ariius Nightclub played a little something for everyone, from hip-hop to pop.

Double majoring in psychology and disability studies, 22-year old Faraa Ashfaq attended the party, but alas without a toga outfit. Having attended most of the tent events throughout the week, she took advantage of the welcome mat laid out and is finally prepared to buckle down and get to work.

“I’ve made lots of friends, so it’s been pretty good so far,” Ashfaq said. “I’m looking forward to classes right now, so we’ll see what happens.”

With this year’s Welcome Week officially at an end, the coming weekend almost acts as a final reprieve before things take a serious turn academically. For Popaj, the feeling is rather bittersweet. On one end the preparations for all the events was deeply time consuming. But on the other, it made the students’ opening university experience a highly festive one.

“It was working all day, working all night, it was no sleep, but at the end of the day we did this for the students,” Popaj said.

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