Tough Lancer Race Displays School Pride

Story by Shelbey Hernandez
The Lance – News Editor
Photos by Chris Mailloux
The Lance – Staff Photographer

It’s one thing to get involved in a race. However, getting involved in a Tough Lancer Race is another story.

This race started at the St. Denis Athletic Centre, where multiple teams took off for their two-mile race. Like Tough Mudder races, each team would have to work together through gruesome and challenging obstacles. Although no mud was involved in this Tough Mudder-like run, that didn’t make it any easier. Especially with the temperatures rising to 31 degrees, it was definitely a run worthy of the name “Tough Lancer.”

The Tough Lancer race has been around since 2012 as a result of a group of students who brought the idea up to Frank Jeney, a fitness coordinator at UWindsor. Since then, it has become a regular part of the initiation process for first year students in baseball.

One of these first year students was Chris Ross who had no idea what to expect but was assured by his teammates it was more fun than it was brutal.

“I’m here kind of because I have to,” laughed Ross. “But I mean the whole team is doing it so it’s kind of like a team comradery thing. I’m happy to be here.”

Fitness instructors and personal trainers who work at the university are located throughout the course. That way, competitors can get to know them and get to know what athletics at UWindsor is all about.

“During welcome week, the school is always looking for ways to highlight some of what we do … and this gives them an opportunity to meet our personal trainers and fitness instructors in a unique way,” said Jeney. “It’s better to me than just sitting down and having another person tell others what we have. Why do that when we can show them?”

The race took students across campus with the finish line being at the Assumption Lawn location. Considering the Beach(less) Bash was going on and had plenty of food and barbecue, it was definitely the best way to end the race.

Tough Lancer Start 2 Tough Lancer Start 1 Tough Lancer Checkpoint 4 Finish Line 2 Tough Lancer Checkpoint 4 Finish Line 1 Tough Lancer Checkpoint 3 Tire Push

Tough Lancer Checkpoint 3 Pushing Weights 1 Tough Lancer Checkpoint 2 Wheelbarrow Tough Lancer Checkpoint 1 Running Tough Lancer Checkpoint 1 Push Ups Tough Lancer 1

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