Tent Party Receives Glowing Reception

Story by Hani Yassine
The Lance – Arts Editor
Photos by Chris Mailloux
The Lance – Staff Photographer

The bright light from the burning sun had gone down completely, allowing for the dark lights to be turned on immediately after.

With the welcome mat still laid out throughout the night, hundreds of students arrived and perhaps even returned to the UWSA Tent in the late hours for a glow party Sept. 6. Officially the mid-point of the series of tent parties, one colour was prominent as students began coming through the gate.

“If you want to glow, wear white,” said UWSA president Moussa Hamadani. “It’s one of those nights, it’s pretty fun.”

All while music courtesy of Level 3 nightclub blared in the background, flashing lights, glow sticks and body paint laid prominent during the party, bringing about a colorfully messy atmosphere ever more highlighted with the clear central colour. Among the many students donning white was 18-year old Michaela Avilla. A first year in the French studies program, she was excited for her first glow party, and found the tent parties in general to be a solid way to mingle with the crowd.

“It’s a very good way to meet a lot of people,” Avilla said. “I know I spoke to a lot of people last night.”

All glowing aesthetics came courtesy of X Infused. Based in London and Toronto, the event company assists in setting parties up all across Canada. Tyler Duncan was one of the four crew members who helped set up the event in the tent. For him, the mission was to make people who are already having a fun time to simply have more fun, and with the glow party there was plenty to work with.

“Every step they take, their arms, their faces, their legs, their bodies are going to glow. We’re going to give them glow sticks, we’re going to have a fun time,” Duncan said.

While the glow party got a little messy, it did keep itself clean as it was one of the two designated non-alcoholic tent nights throughout the week. The reason for this all came to a matter of accessibility.

“We wanted to make sure we cater to the students and that their comfort level is not affected by alcohol,” Hamadani said.Glow Party Crowd Shot 3  Glow Party Lights Glow Party UWSA Glow Party Group Shot 3 Glow Party Students Glow Party Crowd Shot 1 Glow Party Group Shot 2 Glow Party Dancing Glow Party Group Shot 1 Glow Party DJ1 Glow Party Balloon

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