UWindsor Marketing Campaign Asks Students “Why UWindsor?”

by Caleb Workman
The Lance – News Editor

The University of Windsor is looking for new ways to recruit students so they have gone to the professionals and posed them with the questions, “Why UWindsor?”

The task at hand has a marketing firm from Toronto, Scott Thornley and Company, figuring out what about the University of Windsor attracts students and keeps them there. They will be asking for input from students, faculty and staff over the coming months.

“The goal of the campaign is to tell the stories of UWindsor without relying on independent sources to do it,” said Clayton Smith, Dean of Students and Provost. “One of the big stories of the U of W is that fact it’s a big campus but also a small one at the same time.”

Smith said students can join the small and intimate programs in both undergraduate and graduate studies and get what they’re looking for that way but they can also find the large campus life with the amount of students that come here.

“Whatever students are looking for from a post-secondary institution, it can be found here at the University of Windsor,” said Smith. “The atmosphere is something else here too. Someone can literally walk in to an office and talk with whomever they need to talk to most of the time. Not a lot of universities are like that.”

Smith said that goes to show how at the very DNA level of the university, staff and faculty are here for the students.

John Coleman, director of public relations and communications for the University of Windsor, said the process has been underway since the fall of last year and it’s the step they’re in is very exciting for the university.

“What we’re doing with the marketing group is just talking to people, learning what it is about the university that keeps students and attracts them in the first place,” said Coleman. “There’s so many different reasons and so many different people so we get to hear a lot of things and learn a new dimension.”

Coleman said almost anybody you can think of has been approached and talked to hear their story of their journey through the university.

“We also get to learn how to take the university to the next level,” said Coleman. “We want to hear everyone’s ideas and see to make the experience here the best possible.”

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