The Paperless War: Print vs. Digital

Students could purchase items for 15 per cent off at the pop-up bookstore that travelled UWindsor last week. They also handed out coupons to save 15 per cent off of items in their CAW location. [Photo by//Caleb Workman]

by Caleb Workman
The Lance – News Editor

The University of Windsor’s Bookstore made rounds last week to on campus locations to reach out to different programs with books, apparel and other items available for purchase.

The pop-up store brought some questions to mind – how do people read nowadays?

On a personal note, when reading literature, I prefer having a hard copy in front of me. It’s a mixture of my obsession for collections and the idea of putting a book back up on the shelf and knowing you’ve completed one more in the collection.

However, for studious and research reading, I like having a digital access bar where I can search key words, find ideas and access unlimited articles to help me out or inform me.

Digital reading has been available for many years and is something people use quite frequently; some would say every day in certain situations.

Martin Deck, sales representative for you University of Windsor’s Bookstore, said digital reader numbers have actually gone down in the last few years.

“I know a few years ago statistics said about 15 per cent of people enjoy reading digitally. Now, I read recently the number is at 10 per cent,” said Deck.

Deck said it’s something that can change. He said companies are finding ways to make digital reading more comfortable and he said he wouldn’t be surprised if he saw a hike in the numbers in a few years.

“I always prefer physical copies of what I’m reading but I feel like that’s something that could change in the next few years,” said Deck.

Information service librarian for Leddy Library, Graham Staffen, said for news gathering he has converted from print to digital in recent years. He said he used to be a devout individual, waking up early in the morning, heading to the closest convenience store and purchasing his newspaper. Now, it’s all digital for him.

“It’s much more convenient to read news on my laptop,” said Staffen. “I have the ability to read my favorite newspaper and I can also access other new sources simultaneously and without having to leave where I am.”

Staffen said when it come reading books, he still prefers to read from a physical book.

“Technology is something that is changing and in a few years, we’ll see digital reading progress,” said Staffen. “The one-up physical will always have on digital is the tactile aspect. A lot of people appreciate owning a physical copy to display.”

Reading is something that will always be a part of one’s life but how we do it is something that can change at any moment.

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