New Sexual Misconduct Policy is Open to Suggestions

The first draft UWindsor’s sexual assault policy is available online at The University is asking for any and all comments and suggestions to be made by this weekend. [Photo by // Jolene Perron]

by Caleb Workman
The Lance – News Editor

This year the University of Windsor has been working hard a new policy to help raise awareness to and prevent any sexual misconduct in the campus community.

Right from the beginning of first semester, the university has pushed forward a sense of community and anti-rape culture by bringing in a variety of guests and forming different groups. The first public draft of the policy has been released and can be accessed for review and commentary by all.

“We know that one in four women are sexually assaulted over their university period,” said Jaydee Tarpeh, president of the UWSA. “It’s important to have a policy on campus that keeps the campus safe, especially our female population.”

The policy focuses on the misconceptions and myths around sexual assault and states “these myths downplay the seriousness of sexual misconduct and confuse our understanding of consent.” Along with this is a definition the policy believes people should understand about sexual assault.

“I’ve taken a look and reviewed the sexual policy – it’s really good in my opinion,” said Tarpeh. “I’ve sat down with a couple of people and we’ve agreed that the university and committee dedicated to the policy has done a very good job with it. It’s a standalone policy which means it will take precedence with its own cases.”

Another main focus of the policy is the rights of the survivor, which includes they be treated with compassion, dignity and respect, be informed about disclosing, reporting and complaint options and the limits to confidentiality associated with each option and to have reasonable and necessary actions taken to prevent further unwanted contact with the alleged perpetrator amongst other things.

Shane Morris, a student at the university, said it’s important to protect both the males and females of the university and it’s obvious we should have a policy in place to prevent sexual assault.

“It needs to cover all grounds, not just what we perceive as sexual assault,” said Morris. “Unsolicited groping through slander all needs to be covered. School should be a safe place for young adults and whatever we can do to protect each other is necessary.”

Outlined in the review is also the steps to take to disclose, report and take further preventative actions against it happening again.

Dhouha Triki, the senator of the UWSA involved with the policy, said it wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and efforts of the working committee.

“The University of Windsor plans to have the final version of the policy released by the end of February of 2016,” said Triki.

For the full policy, visit To submit feedback and comments, email by Jan. 29.

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