UWindsor Music Competition Awards $500 Scholarship to Winning Student

Contestants of the Ianni Music Competition gather together following the end of the performances as they wait for the results to be announced. Angelica Sciacca ultimately won the competition. [Photo by // Rhiannon Lotze]

by Rhiannon Lotze
The Lance – Contributor

Nicknamed the “original Canadian Idol,” the Ianni Music Competition kicked off at the University of Windsor over the weekend.

Held in the Heritage Room of Assumption Hall at the University of Windsor Jan. 17, the competition began at 2:30 p.m.. Seven music students performed to the best of their ability for those gathered in an attempt to win the Ron W. Ianni Memorial Scholarship.

The competitors were Angelica Sciacca and Jacob Flynn singing, Nadia Santoro on piano, Cheyenne McLaughlin using woodwinds, Preston Leschyna using brass instruments, Lisette Gagnon as a jazz/pop vocalist and Brandon Lefrancois as a jazz/pop instrumentalist.

After two hours of competing, the winner of the scholarship was declared to be Angelica Sciacca.

“I feel very fortunate to be a part of this competition and to be working with such talented people,” said Sciacca, who performed “The Bird of the Wilderness” by Edward Horsman. “I did not think that, against such amazing people, I would be the one they chose at the end of the day.”

Sciacca is a third year student at UWindsor, focusing on the musical arts. In the future, she is going to continue singing and will be part of a few student concerts and studio recitals.

While Sciacca was the only winner of the competition, many of the other competitors said they felt very fortunate to be able to compete.

“It was unreal,” said Nadia Santoro, who performed on the piano. “I had such a great time…  everybody put so much hard work into this. It’s an absolute joy to be able to share music with all my colleagues here.”

For winning the competition, Sciacca will receive $500 dollars from the Ron W. Ianni Memorial Scholarship.

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