Let’s Save Ojibway

Save Ojibway held a fundraiser to raise funds for Ojibway Park through a pasta dinner and raffle. The raffle included photography taken at the park. [Photo by//Caleb Workman}

by Caleb Workman
The Lance – News Editor

Ojibway Park has been receiving a lot of attention lately including a petition signed by 22,000 people to keep it as it is and stay away from the big box development that has already been approved.

The park itself not only holds a lot of unique and endangered ecosystems in Canada, it’s a name everyone from the area knows and has visited. It’s a big spot for tourism and it also attracts and maintains a lot of photographers, birdwatchers and nature lovers inside and outside of the county.

With the recent decision by Windsor council to let the Coco Group move on to the next step of development, it has left a lot of people with many questions.

Not only will Windsor be losing part of a beautiful park, it will be adding something it doesn’t need. Canada, and the world as a whole, is losing a lot of its beauty to industrialization and for many, this is where the line will be drawn in Windsor and Essex County.

A local group has stood up and managed to gather signatures in spite of council’s decisions. Although, they’ve had no avail with it to date, it’s a fight they should be proud of as they continue to gather everyone who care on their side. With almost 22,000 signatures in a little over a week, it goes to show there are people who care and council should look at these people when making future decisions regarding Ojibway.

A group dedicated to the preservation of the prairie, Save Ojibway, held a pasta dinner and silent auction to raise money to help defend their beloved land.

The group, headed by local Nancy Pancheshan, is leading the fight and reaching out to many people and politicians to see what heads they can turn.

To do this, they are going to have to keep on fighting, because up to now, nothing has changed.

The park itself homes a lot of species that can only be found in Ojibway. The ecosystem, a very beautiful one, is also one many hold a place in their heart for. With the construction of the big box, many negative things can happen, only starting with the disturbance and destruction of the park itself.

With the mix of locals getting involved, the petitions being signed and word getting out, a powerful wave of people are getting ready to make a big strike and get as many groups involved as possible. Something that needs to be done to save the park everyone knows and loves in the area.

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