by Caleb Workman
The Lance – News Editor

This past week the world has seen multiple devastation, including natural and manmade terror, the most notable being the terrorist attack in Paris. From this we have seen the mainstreaming of #PrayForParis and #PrayForTheWorld.

Growing up in a Christian household, going to a Christian church for all of my life I learned early of what prayer meant to this group and who you are praying to. The practice I’ve maintained throughout my life but my conceptual knowledge of the act has broadened quite immensely.

When you’re young, you’re very impressionable with most of your learning coming from your parents or whoever raises you. It doesn’t matter if your Caucasian, Asian, African, Muslim, Christian or Atheist. You grow up impressed upon.

Prayer itself means many different things to many different people. From praying to a higher being, a dead person, nature itself or maybe just praying to pray – these things vary.

As a Christian, I was taught that you pray to God, or the Trinity, and they hear your prayers and answer accordingly. My best friend told me, and I agree with this as well, that some people pray as an outreach or an act of hope and best wishes.

I really like the word hope in relation to prayer. No matter who or what you are praying to, you’re hoping they are listening and you’re hoping it’s going to change something. This takes away from the idea of what you’re praying to and opens it up to the idea that you’re just praying.

In history, when people get together and do something change is made. I would offer the idea that when people come together and pray, something changes. No matter your cultural background, your religion or your reason, prayer can make a difference.

Prayer causes calls to action. It always has.

I’m not talking about changing your Facebook profile picture to have a nice flag filter in front of it. I’m talking about going out and sending money to a family in need, I’m talking about bringing families and helping them out in our blessed country, I’m talking about actually doing something.

Unfortunately, some would say a lot of the time very few people actually do things to help, especially when it comes to financial aid. But I like to think that the prayer of anyone has a push, an ignition to get some people to start.

Not everyone can do something all the time but someone can move someone to do something anytime. That’s the beautiful thing about prayer. Enough people united can make a difference.

The only thing I would like to see changed is when people pray. Start praying all the time, not just when disaster strikes. Pray for your family, your friends, the poor, the sick, a stranger and your enemy.

Pray for the little things as well as the big things and pray for change because we know the world needs it. God knows the world needs it, Buddha knows the world needs it, Mother Nature knows the world needs it.

Who cares who you’re praying to, history shows prayer has power so I’m going to say to you – Pray!

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