Kindness Day Should be Every Day

by Caleb Workman
The Lance – News Editor

Every year people around Canada set aside time in their day once a year to perform a random act of kindness. This day, known as Random Act of Kindness Day, has become a chance for even the most negative people to say they’ve done something good. But is it working?

Since its start in 2008 in Waterloo and Kitchener, many adoptions on the day worldwide have taken place. Different initiatives, organizations and clubs have been created in response and have been fighting to make a difference with their neighbors and in their communities.

With the idea of a day, it seems that we need to wait for it like Christmas or Halloween rather than adopting it as an everyday practice. Should a community not want to benefit itself and others through random acts of kindness every day?

Locally, a grade school in LaSalle started a program known as the Kinds Kid Club. The group focuses on providing smiles to students, staff and their community.

The group has provided funds for families in need in the school, raised money for different causes and even sent out personalized handmade valentines to each student and staff member in the school.

The group, headed by Roma Williamson, has been in full force for over a year now and is constantly doing things to make it better and better.

“Our kids are so great and they’re always trying to make a difference in their community,” said Williamson. “I hope all schools can start doing something like this and even the communities can take away from it. It’s not me that does it either, it’s the kids that lead it.”

Williamson said it’s important to remember the day should be a reminder of what you should be doing for the year, not the only day to do something nice.

With a club like this in the community, random acts of kindness are closer to becoming a part of everyday life and less of  a chore. Their goal is to make everyday a happy one for those around them and should reflect a community, a province, a county and even a world.

People fight for happiness their whole lives through religion, books and other mediums but what we should be really fighting for is the smile of our neighbor.

The day is nice but a lifetime is in the scope for groups like the Kind Kids Club.

What difference will you make?

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