CUPE 1001 Wants to Figure it out Together

Member thinks of recent occurrences as a ‘campaign against CUPE’

Caleb Workman
The Lance – News Editor

CUPE 1001 member Trina Durham is saying there are lot of issues the organization has been dealing with in the past 10 years, especially housekeeping.

Durham, a worker, secretary and former president of CUPE 1001, said there has been a “campaign against CUPE.”

“I know we have some bad apples, every workplace does,” said Durham. “We recognize that and we’re trying to work with administration to work it all out. I want to fix this and I think they’re receptive to it but I think they’re only receptive to what they want.”

Durham said there was a meeting in August where they asked administration if there were any more buildings being contracted out and they didn’t give CUPE any straight answers. Two weeks after, six more buildings were contracted out from CUPE.

“It seems like our duties are slowly being taken away,” said Durham.

Durham also said she feels like some individuals in administration are making issues where there are none.

Durham said they had 120 people in fulltime housekeeping and they are now down to 68.

“Another issue we’re having is people just quitting and leaving because they have no idea what is going on and they’re scared,” said Durham.

Durham said she thinks the system needs to be run via a pyramid system, where people start out in food services and if something were to open in housekeeping, a food service person could apply and it would in turn create more jobs in food service.

“I think the ultimate goal of the university is to just get rid of us that way they don’t have to worry about us at all,” said Durham.

John Coleman, the school’s director of public affairs and communications said there were 12 positions in discussion that were moved but there was no one in the union who was laid off.

“The collective bargaining agreement was followed to the ‘T,’” said Coleman. “All the people who were affected by the situation were redeployed within the university.”

Coleman said that is the bottom line and the important thing is no one has lost his or her job in the process of everything that is happening with CUPE 1001.

Coleman said the goal of the university is to run operations efficiently and to meet the needs of the campus community.

“To fix this, I think you need both sides working to fix it,” said Durham “I think right now there is only one side working to fix this and it’s us.”

According to Durham, the open and honest communication they promised is a lie to her and she hopes to see things fixed and administration taking an active part in mending the broken relationship between the university and CUPE 1001.

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