Liberals Win Elections By A Landslide, Introducing The New Trudeau Era

Justin Trudeau shakes hands with a crowd of supporters after his victory speech in Montreal Oct. 19. [Photo courtesy of Andrej Ivanov, Photo Editor at The Concordian]

by Jolene Perron
The Lance – Editor-in-Chief

“My friends, we beat fear with hope. We beat cynicism with hard work, we beat negative divisive politics with a positive vision that brings Canadians together. Most of all, we defeated the idea that Canadians should be satisfied with less. That good enough is good enough and that better just isn’t possible. Well my friends this is Canada, and in Canada better is always possible.”

Beginning his victory speech with saying “sunny ways my friends, sunny ways,” Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was welcomed as the Prime Minister of Canada earlier this week.

As of Oct. 20, the results showed overwhelming results, with the Liberal Party of Canada leading with 184 seats – only 170 were needed for a majority government. The Conservative party, lead by Stephen Harper, came up second with 99 seats, The New Democratic Party lead by Thomas Mulclair was third with 44 seats, while Bloc Quebecois lead by Gilles Duceppe came in with 10 seats and the Green Party of Canada lead by Elizabeth May came in with just a single seat.

“This is what positive politics can do, this is what a positive, hopeful vision and a platform and a team together can make happen,” said Trudeau during his victory speech from Montreal. “Canadians from all across this great country sent a clear message tonight. It’s time for a change in this country my friends, a real change.”

In his speech, Trudeau noted politics does not need to be negative or personal and his campaign was able to prove that through their appeal to the “better angels of our nature.” He also thanked Harper for his service to the country for the last decade, noting “Conservatives are not our enemies, they are our neighbors,” and “leadership is about bringing people of all different perspectives together.”

Trudeau said he didn’t make history tonight, but rather the Canadians who voted him in did, and the reason he was able to stand on the stage was because Canadians put him there.

“You gave me clear marching orders,” said Trudeau. “You want a government that works as hard as you do, one that focuses every minute of every day on growing the economy, creating jobs and strengthening the middle class. One that is devoted to helping less fortunate Canadian families work their way into the middle class. You want a Prime Minister who knows Canada is a country strong, not in spite of our differences but because of them … Canadians have spoken You want a government with a vision and an agenda for this country that is positive and ambitious and hopeful. Well my friends I promise you tonight that I will lead that government. I will make that vision a reality, I will be that Prime Minister.”


What You Need To Know About The Party We’ve Elected

by Caleb Workman
The Lance – News Editor

Liberals purposes according to The Liberal Party of Canada: Constitution:

  • participate with and support endorsing members as candidates of the Party for election to the House of Commons
  • advocate and support Liberal philosophies, principals and policies
  • promote membership in the Party
  • raise money and support Liberal purposes
  • create and provide a forum by Party members to influence and govern policies and platform
  • coordinate the activities of supporters of the Party
  • full aboriginal representation at all levels of the Party
  • find common ground among all people from all the provinces and territories 

For more information from the official constitution visit

Notable promises from the Liberals:

  • balance the budget in 2020
  • run deficits until budget balance in 2020
  • invest $200 million a year to develop clean technologies
  • invest about $1.5 billion into jobs for youth
  • undo cuts to CBC
  • increase student grants to $3,000 a year for full time students and allowing students to wait until they have and annual income of $25,000 to pay back loans

For a more complete list of promises and actions promised by the parties visit

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