Pub Club to Open in Downtown Windsor

Andrew Corbett, Co-Owner of the Pub Club displays a poster of the businesses logo in his office at The Bull N’ Barrel on April 19.  The new pub is expected to open near the middle of May. [Photo by // Bobby-Jo Keats]

by Bobby-Jo Keats
The Lance – News Intern

Local business owners are blending the pub experience with the club experience in order to provide patrons with the best of both worlds in downtown Windsor.

The Pub Club, located at 527 Ouellette Ave. is expected to open by mid May. The location was previously home to Voodoo Nightclub for just under 13 years, until its closure in March. Since then, all 4,000 square-feet has been completely stripped down and rebuilt into the city’s first pub and nightclub hybrid.

Meg Roberts is a 20 year-old university student who went to Voodoo for the first time shortly after she turned 19.

“Some of my friends went there often,” said Roberts. “They always had fun but used to say it could sometimes get a bit rowdy in there. Even though I’ve only been there once or twice, I always knew it was a place where a lot of Americans would come to drink. They used to feature it on the radio stations over there all the time.”

Co-owner Andrew Corbett said they will be leaving the reputation of Voodoo Nightclub behind and embracing the positive change happening in downtown Windsor.

“The Pub Club will be the perfect mix of a pub with a wide selection of spirits and beers and entertainment late in the evening,” said Corbett.

The establishment will resemble that of a 21st century pub but it will also include a dance floor and live entertainment four nights a week

“Our vision for downtown has always been based on being different and creating something unique that will drive more foot traffic for everyone,” said Corbett. “We are also excited to announce for the first time, we are going to be providing a shuttle service to shuttle students to and from the University to The Pub Club and The Bull N’ Barrel. We are hoping this will be ready for the start of June. More details will be available in the coming weeks.”

Tim Ghertsos is also a university student and is currently working for the pub’s owners at one of their other three establishments.

“We haven’t had anything of this nature in Windsor,” said Ghertsos. “It will be nice to have a new one-stop shop so to speak. They are going to rebrand it as a classier establishment and I’m really excited for it.”

Corbett said it’s important to think about the Windsor atmosphere when opening new businesses, particularly in the area of his new nightclub.

“I think any business trying to attract people to the downtown core is very beneficial to Windsor,” said Roberts. “With the expansion of craft beers now it is huge that something like this ties in well with this new emerging trend. I think that’s very important to downtown Windsor and I am looking forward to going there.”

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