What Can You do on Campus? A Guide to Getting Involved

Dillon Hall on the University of Windsor Campus. [Photo by // Samantha Fernandez]

by Samantha Fernandez
The Lance – News Editor

After the UWSA elections, many students are wondering how they can contribute to the University of Windsor campus and while you have the intention of working or volunteering, you may be wondering where exactly these opportunities are hiding.

There are many different outlets on campus to help students find employment or volunteer to get involved on campus. UWSA general manager, Nicole Morrell wants students to know  the University of Windsor is always looking for volunteers for their largest events.

“We hire in March for any coordinator positions we offer because typically in April students are in exams and not always in a good state,” said Morrell. “We look for students to work in a number of different areas such as Walk Safe, the Womyn’s Centre, Afrofest and Shinerama. It’s a great opportunity to get some experience and coordinators run that service for the year. We also offer administrative positions at the CAW Information desk, as well as the front desk here at the UWSA office. These are all done around the same time in March.”

The UWSA offers different coordinator positions, including Afrofest coordinator, Shinerama coordinator and many other positions for event coordinators. These positions are filled usually around March, but Morrell said these coordinators are always looking for volunteers to help keep events running. According to Morrell, the volunteers are welcome to apply for their positions at any time of the year and are encouraged to contact coordinators directly.

“We also look for volunteers for events such as Welcome Week in September and other various events throughout the year,” said Morrell. “We will put you in contact with the coordinators for the services you are interested in volunteering for, or if you are open to anything we will let you know events coming up where we may require volunteers.”

During election seasons, which are twice a year, the UWSA also hires regularly for poll clerks during election days. These positions are hired about one month before elections happen; once being in the fall, and once being in spring during the month of March. They look to fill positions such as advertising for elections and helping with the election process.

There is something on campus to suit everyone’s needs. Whether with the UWSA, CJAM, or getting involved with different clubs, students need to know what they want to do and go from there.

“The students have the autonomy to run their own office in a coordinator position, they can host events at the beginning of their employment if they wish to jump right in,” said Morrell. “What I would really suggest people to do is think about how you want to get involved. Is there something that is of interest to you? We get students interested in social work who want to work with the peer support centre, or students in women’s studies who would like to work with the Womyn’s Centre, so decide what is of interest to you and let that lead you.”

Although the UWSA coordinator positions have already been filled, there are other volunteer options for students as well as jobs on campus. Some of the volunteer positions, as well as coordinator positions, run during the summer and normally begin during May and June. For events such as Shinerama and Welcome Week preparations are done during the summer.

These positions, volunteer or hired, are great ways to get involved and meet new people across campus. Whether you are looking for something fun to do around campus, or looking to make a little bit of money, there is something for you on the University of Windsor Campus.

All UWSA postings, for employment or for volunteers can be found on their website www.uwsa.ca or visit the University of Windsor website for other options.

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