BBQ Gives Families a Glimpse Into University Life

The ninth annual Law family barbecue took place inside the Law building at the University of Windsor on Oct. 4, allowing families to mingle and experience what the expectations are for University of Windsor law students. [Photo by // Travis Fauteux]

by Travis Fauteux
The Lance – News Editor

A family barbecue has given parents insight into to the classrooms of the university.

The ninth annual University of Windsor Law Faculty Family Barbecue took place Oct. 4. The event brought family and friends of students to the University to visit the campus and see the students who have been hard at work for the past month at school.

Alex Rand, a first year law student from Hamilton, brought his family to Windsor to see the University.

“This is what a law student does on a day-to-day basis,” said Rand.  “They want to see the school, faculty and what the program is like.”

Having a weekend such as this benefits the parents and friends of the students greatly, according to Rand’s mother, Irene Rand. She said she didn’t fully understand what exactly the students do at the university and what is expected of them.

“It’s been really interesting,” said Irene.  “It’s great to experience a classroom lecture.  It gives me a greater appreciation for what the students have to do.”

Parents were able to meet the dean of the law faculty, Camille Cameron, experience a mock lecture about the recent landmark Bedford trial, which recently resulted in changes to prostitution laws in Canada and learn about the numerous programs offered to students throughout their academic career.

“It’s one of my favourite days,” said Cameron.  “It gives students a chance to bring into the building their parents, grandparents, partners and kids, just to see what law school is like.”

Cameron said the mock lecture allowed parents and friends to understand “what material and teaching happens here every day and what students are listening to every day.” The response to the school is always positive, according to Cameron. In the previous year, she said one mother liked the lecture so much she said she would like to come to law school. While Cameron believes she hasn’t yet, it shows the possibilities a day such as this one can open up for the university.

“They like it –  face it, they’ve been with their students, child or friend for years on their way here,” said Cameron.  “So, now it’s a chance for them to see what the student has been working towards.”

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