Students to Hold Sit-In Monday

by Travis Fauteux

The Lance – News Editor

University students are organizing a sit-in to protest a potential strike.

A full-day peaceful protest will take place outside of University of Windsor president Alan Wildeman’s office on Monday- two days before all faculty members are planned to go on strike if a collective agreement is not reached.

Alix Simpson, the fourth-year music student who is organizing the sit-in, said the protest is meant to urge the president to return to the bargaining table.

“I am not protesting outside of the WUFA [Windsor University Faculty Association] office because they are not the ones who walked away from the table,” said Simpson.  “I am not saying that it is the administration’s fault, I just want them to come back to the table.”

“I don’t care what the outcome of the discussions is,” said Simpson.  “I just want the teachers back in class.”

Music students like Simpson must continue to take regular lessons in order to prepare for their jury, a music student’s final performance and a major component of their degree.  Simpson said that a lengthy strike could delay the completion of her degree for a whole year.

“As students, we are directly affected by this,” said Simpson.  “This is our education.”

She said the protest must remain peaceful in order to convey students’ dissatisfaction.

“The whole point of a sit-in to do a peaceful protest is to get our point across, because if we get angry then they can just dismiss what we have to say,” said Simpson.

Simpson encourages concerned students to participate in the sit-in between classes. Stressing the sit-in must remain peaceful, a Facebook event has been created by Simpson to inform students, encouraging them to bring signs saying “Stop holding my education hostage,” and “Go back to the table.”

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