The New University Bookstore – “Back where we belong…”

by Jolene Perron
The Lance – Editor-In-Chief

“They will be blown away at our prices.”

The new University of Windsor Campus Bookstore has finally opened, and Lynda Leckie, general merchandise buyer for The Campus Bookstore, said the new prices are unbeatable. Not to mention all the new stock, brands and clothing students can find in the store this year.

“When I got this position, I took it upon myself to seek out some new suppliers and some new vendors,” said Leckie. “It’s a lot of legwork, I’m not going to lie … In doing that, I’ve been able to bring our prices down. So if I can buy cheaper, I can sell cheaper, and that’s a win-win for us as a campus bookstore and for anyone, whether you be a student or an employee or whoever, it’s a win-win situation. That’s the whole idea.”

The Odette building needed the space where the old bookstore once stood tow years ago, according to Martin Deck, sales and marketing coordinator for the University of Windsor Campus Bookstore. From the south-east wing of the Odette building, the bookstore moved to a temporary location in the Vanier building. For the entire two years the bookstore was in Vanier, they were working on acquiring and setting up this new location.

The new location in the lower level of the CAW Student Centre is between “two-thirds and three-quarters the size of the old pub.”

The Campus Crew brand is back, along with some new brands such as Under Armour, Adidas and Barbarian Sports Wear. A whole new line of women’s dress clothing has been brought in to the store, which is non-branded and non-logoed, giving the students more at their campus bookstore than just hoodies and t-shirts. Although, those classics are also still available.

Leckie said not everything is going to be blasted with the University of Windsor logo, this year she is making sure they go about it a different way. There’s also a large line of “Grumpy Cat” merchandise for everyone to enjoy along with the typical notebooks, pens and other supplies.

Leckie said another one of her personal projects was ensuring easier access for internal departments to utilize her stock and brand them specifically for themselves. She said she’s been able to order large amounts of products for other departments aside from the bookstore, all because of the new vendors she sought out for the University to work with.

Deck said there will be a sidewalk sale on July 30, and a grand opening during the third week of September. An exact date is yet to be decided upon.

“We’re back where we started from,” said Deck. “We’re back where we belong – in the student centre with students. It’s been probably at least 45 years since the bookstore was down here in the lower level of the student centre, but we are very happy to be back here.”

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