Local Fire Causes Emergency Evacuation in Tecumseh

Screen capture of the evacuation area from Google Maps.

by Jolene Perron
The Lance – Editor-In-Chief

The Town of Tecumseh has issued a news release, stating Tecumseh Fire and Rescue Services are still on the scene of the fire at Bonduelle Facility which broke out around 2:00 this morning.

While the evacuation order has been lifted, and residents can return to their homes immediately.

The fire is currently contained and the fire services are still in place for the time being.

No fatalities or injuries have been reported, however damage is considerable. Cause of the fire is yet to be determined at this time.


Lasalle First Services have also been put on standby if the fire remains in a state of emergency.

A mandatory evacuation is also still effect for residents between County Road 22 to the south, St. Thomas Road to the north, Lesperance Road west to Manning Road. This evacuation is precautionary at this time, due to potential air borne toxins from a possible ammonia leak on the scene caused by the fire.

Residents are encouraged to go to the Tecumseh Arena located at 1201 McNorton Street, as well as St. Josephs School located on Clover and McHugh. Residents can also bring pets to these areas where the Winsor Essex Humane Society will be on scene to assist. Both hospitals in the area have been put on a code orange.

Any residents outside of the evacuation area are encouraged to stay indoors and keep all windows shut. Motorists are cautioned by the OPP to avoid the area, as the roads are currently closed.

Screen capture of the evacuation area from Google Maps. The red box indicates the areas which should be evacuated immediately.

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