Frost week to heat up campus

The student association has a slew of events planned to break the ice for the winter semester. The University of Windsor Students’ Alliance’s Frost Week runs from Jan. 7 – 11.

Darryl Gallinger

The student association has a slew of events planned to break the ice for the winter semester.

The University of Windsor Students’ Alliance’s Frost Week runs from Jan. 7 – 11.

“We’re trying to make something for everybody, and have a mix of party events and dry events,” said Alyssa Atkins, vice-president administration.

Paula Soll and Luise Rodrigues, exchange students from Brazil, are looking forward to Frost Week as an exciting start to the semester.

“It makes us feel like we’re part of the university and the community here,” said Rodrigues, a fourth-year electrical engineering student.

Soll attended the Avicii concert during Windsor Welcome Week, which has her enthused about these events. “It was amazing, it was a great concert,” said Soll, a third-year communications student.

Around 5,700 students turned out to see Avicii at the Coming Home Music Festival in September. The event ran just over $250,000. After pulling in revenue of over $200,000, the total cost to the UWSA for the event was about $40,000.

Rodrigues and Soll said that they don’t often see events like what they experienced during Welcome Week at their school in Brazil.

Hamilton-based rockers Arkells will be playing Monday, Dec. 7 in the CAW Student Centre commons. Events such as the concert are intended to be more campus-centric, unlike the Avicii show, which targeted the community as well as the campus.

“We got really great feedback from students on what they want,” said Atkins, referring to online polls and comments on Facebook. “There was an overwhelming demand for Arkells.”

This concert is for students only, $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Josh Paglione, UWSA director of student life, said he expects a turnout of 400 to 600 students. Paglione wouldn’t disclose the amount being spent on Arkells, but pegged expenses for Frost Week at approximately $13,000. Revenue from concert ticket sales and Dirty Bingo will put a dent in expenses.

Tuesday during Frost Week, students are invited to an ice-skating event at Charles Clark Square, and Wednesday the dabbers are out for Dirty Bingo. “It was such a huge success for frosh week, so we’re definitely doing Dirty Bingo again,” Atkins said.

Atkins was excited to announce that students will have one last party in the pub space formerly used by the Thirsty Scholar, located in the basement of the CAW Student Centre, on Thursday night. “We’re having a ‘One Last Song’ party at the pub before it gets demolished the next day,” Atkins said.

A deal between the University of Windsor and the UWSA will have the Bookstore move into the former pub space. Atkins said some of the Thirsty Scholar Pub’s assets have been sold off since it was closed last spring, but there are enough to successfully hold a party.

Friday’s event has yet to be finalized, but Atkins suggested that there may be a party downtown.

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